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Anxiety and Phobias

Anxiety most of the time is fear of the past that is projected into the future. Memories of the past for the majority of people are quite often connected to their mind as a fact that is linked to significant amounts of emotion. It is that emotion that..

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Depression is the result of unexpressed, suppressed emotions. People live busy lives where things happen faster and faster. It can feel safe to stay in our own comfort zone where everything is familiar and free of surprises. Life quite..

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Emotional Release

Are you angry towards your partner when they do things you don’t like? Are any of your colleagues at work a source of your irritation? Do you feel fearful and worry excessively for your children? Do you struggle with your anger management? Are certain life..

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How Hypno NLP Therapy works.

Hypnosis is not what you expect. It is simply a natural process of deep relaxation where our unconscious is accessible. It is well known that most people are driven by their unconscious by up to 95 per cent. In other words, we are driven by things we are not aware of and yet we can't usually access them. Hypnosis in combination with NLP tools allows a myriad of issues in our unconscious to be resolved rapidly and permanently.

NLP therapy can also be called brief therapy for achieving results in a short period of time compared to psychotherapy. Brief therapy focuses on addressing what clients want to achieve without exploring the history and origin of problems.

Living your best
Tom has helped me in overcoming fixed mindsets that were holding me back in my approach to finances. His methods work and he gives the appearance of it being effortless, which it was for me. I have no doubt that Tom has great skills and integrity.
Adrian Perth
Tom is a professional with patience and an active listener. He is a practitioner who is living by example, who genuinely believes in what he practices to assist others with his skills!
Anthony Perth
I had been struggling with confidence. I have alway felt a bit shy and out of place it large crowds. I found Tom online and made a booking. I went for two sessions and I already feel less anxious when I have a function to attend where there will be a lot of new faces. Cheers Tom.
Graham Perth
I had been suffering with a painful chest and cough that wouldn't go away for around 2 months. I went to the doctor who prescribed antibiotics and those made me worse. I then went on to Chinese medicine and the practitioner told me it was most likely related to stress. I heard about Tom from a friend and thought I would try him out. I am not sure how it all works but after one session my cough left me!? Thank you Tom!
Michelle Perth

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