About Me

Tomas Lhotsky – Professional NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner, Perth

Meet Tom

Your Friendly and Supportive Therapist

Tom Lhotsky is an experienced senior practitioner based in Perth. He is passionate and aligned with helping people regain their power and psychological wellbeing while being nonjudgmental and open minded.

Originally from Czechoslovakia, Tom worked as an engineer throughout Europe and speaks multiple languages. Moving to Australia in 2009, Tom became Australian citizen and continued his studies (in NLP).

Being fascinated with and studying various self-development techniques helped him to overcome his own mind limitations. Utilising his engineering skills, hypnosis, different meditation techniques and his deep understanding of the mind body spirit connection, all within the powerful framework of NLP, allows Tom to enhance the outcome and session effectiveness for his clients.

Tom’s introduction to NLP and Hypnosis was as a participant and is when he discovered how effective it was for himself personally. Discovering these powerful tools for therapy opened his eyes to helping other people to receive the benefits available. NLP’s diverse nature of therapy, improves all areas of personal development, relationships and supporting businesses success.

Techniques include:

  • Hypnosis
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Time Based Therapy
  • Neuro Relationship Therapy

Tom's qualifications include:

  • Certified Master Practitioner NLP
  • Certified Master Hypnotist
  • Certified Master Practitioner Time Based Therapy
  • Certified Master Practitioner Neuro Relationship Therapy
  • University Masters Degree in Engineering

Tom is member of:

  • Association of Applied NLP (AANLP)
  • International Institute of Complimentary Therapy (IICT)