Anxiety and Phobias

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Anxiety most of the time is fear of the past that is projected into the future. Memories of the past for the majority of people are quite often connected to their mind as a fact that is linked to significant amounts of emotion. It is that emotion that creates anxiety.

It’s normal for people to think of the future, consider what might go wrong and plan accordingly. But another source of anxiety can be the repeated focussing on what can go wrong. This habitual attention on negative outcomes becomes unbalanced and uncontrollable even to the point where the fear and apprehension become overwhelming. The emotion of fear is created and repeated again and again.

By cutting the link between the image of an event in the past and the emotion connected with that event, whole anxiety issues collapse. The true key to living an anxiety free life is in tidying up one’s own past.

Tom in his therapy practice can solve anxiety issues quite often in a few sessions


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