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Effective Therapy for Compulsion

Compulsion can be defined as an irresistible inner drive to behave in a certain way or perform actions against own will.

Common types of compulsion are:

  • Hand washing – repetitive hand washing can be driven by fear of germs or catching disease by touching different objects.
  • Checking – rechecking whether the oven is switched off or the door close is usually driven by fears of house burning down or being robbed. Rechecking can result in sleep loss. Being late for meeting is common outcome too.
  • Cleaning – typical compulsion when housecleaning or hand washing is often driven by the fear of germs or dirt.
  • Counting – need to complete actions in sets of certain number. For instance, you may check the fridge temperature five times or brush your teeth three times in the evening. You may feel anxious if unable to complete the sequence.
  • Arranging – need to arrange objects until it feels right. If objects are not arranged certain way, one can feel anxious. Person can also feel angry when someone change or rearrange original order of the objects.
  • Nail baiting – nail baiting can have many reasons. Common one is to relieve stress.

There are many other different types of compulsion.

Freedom can be defined as opposite to compulsion where nothing drives our actions or behaviours against our will. Being able to consciously act whatever way we want makes our life easier.

NLP therapy with Hypnosis is powerful tool for dealing with compulsion and setting person free of it.

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