Depression Therapy - Dynamic Mind Change


Depression is result of unexpressed, suppressed emotions. People live busy lives where things happen faster and faster. It can feel safe to stay in own comfort zone where everything is familiar and free of surprises. Life quite often arrange for situations that are out of our comfort zone such as loss of job, car accident, divorce… These are often the times when we are challenged and become more reactive. Different emotions like fear, anger, sadness and others come up. People tend to suppress them and go on. Too many strong emotions as an outcome of life difficulties can evolve into depression.

Almost everyone is potentially vulnerable to depression. NLP Therapy with hypnosis has great tools for treating depression effectively. Tom use these tools in his practice with success where emotional charge causing depression is disconnected fast and free of pain.

Clients often have amnesia where they can’t even remember old problems that created their depression and admit that it's truly gone.

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