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Relationships nowadays are probably more complicated than ever before. People living in cities meet more people in one day then they would normally meet in their whole life 500 years ago.

Relationships serve us to fulfil our different needs like physical, social, political and others. The quality of them decides the quality of our lives.

We have relationships with our partners, family, friends, colleagues at work and other people. Any of them can be source of our frustration and become overwhelming. Stress level can rise. High level of stress over long periods of time has crushing effect on our immune system. One can also develop different addictions as an outcome. Binge drinking, smoking, gambling and other issues can often be results of a dysfunctional relationship.

To be able to get along with everyone is great place to be, where quality of own life is at the peak. It could be a lifetime goal to feel pleasant with your own body, mind, emotions and energies. Everyone is naturally attracted to people with these qualities, so producing a compound and lasting effect.

Tom can address client’s source of reactivity. Less reactivity goes in line with more inclusiveness towards others and better quality relationships. Tom can also help with creating personal boundaries. One then better knows own limits and acts more in accordance with self in different situations.

Clients can seek help with jealousy, anger management, hatred and variety of other issues.


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